For 9 years I have been visiting the Temple Mount and have witnessed fascinating changes. From the burst in Jewish visitors since 2015, the changing of Israeli police policy over time and the addition of Mosques to the Temple Mount. Despite the fallacy of a “status quo” on the Temple Mount, there are constant developments in the social, religious and political arenas that are not covered in a consistent manner. 

As a guide on the Temple Mount through the Open Gate organization I am privy to valuable information on these developments as well as to the history and archaeology of the site. It is this information that I try so hard to bring to my readers. As a Jew, I believe in the holiness of the site for all nations and in the democratic right of any person to pray there - something currently not allowed to non-Muslims. My approach in my posts is honest and I attempt to convey a full picture of the history and social developments no matter the side I write about. 

I have been consulted by academics and legal professionals looking to better understand the current state of affairs on the Temple Mount. It is this understanding I wish to share here in the hopes of connecting more people to the site, its history, its lessons and its modern development.

It is my hope to inspire people to come visit the holy site whether through the Open Gate or any other organization to experience the site for themselves. 

Keep in touch with the blog to get updated with the undocumented social changes that are occurring in the center of Jerusalem and Judaism.


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