• Nati Huberman

Erdogan Meets With Mashal

President of Turkey Erdogan has reportedly met yesterday (09/11/19) with a delegation of Hamas including its head, Khaled Mashal and other senior officials from the terrorist group. The meeting allegedly revolved around the present situation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

The meeting further accentuates Turkey's drift away from its relationship with Western powers. This comes about two weeks after US Congress voted to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide of 1915 perpetrated by Turkey. Around the same time, the order was given by President Trump to assassinate ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi in war-torn Syria only around 3 km from the Turkish border without any warning to Turkey. Turkey has long been accused of collaboration with the Islamic State, using ISIS in their ethnic assault against the Kurds.

This does not bode well for the fragile peace in the region. This July (2019) Iran had announced the deepening of their cooperation with Hamas and raising their material support to Hamas to $30 million/month. With Israel being caked between the north by Hezbollah and in the south-west by Hamas, both sworn to destroy it and both operationally connected to Iran, the potential addition of Turkey to the mix will only serve to destabilize the region.

It is no secret that Turkey has been pushing an expansionist agenda in some form of neo-Ottomanism attempting to apparently return Turkey to its former glory. This is especially true of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Could this new-found communication with the terrorist Hamas organization be an attempt to upset Iranian influence in the region in order to strengthen their regional political relevance? Or are they attempting to join Iran in putting pressure on Israel through Hamas military advances? Either way, the Temple Mount is critical in Turkish political interests.

As David Koren, a former adviser to the mayor of Jerusalem for Arab and eastern Jerusalem affairs, wrote, "Turkish flags are often flown on roofs of buildings in eastern Jerusalem and even on the Temple Mount." After witnessing Hamas flags waving on the Temple Mount, will we begin to see more Turkish flags as well?


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