• Nati Huberman

Important Publication Project

Arnon Segal has been researching and closely following the Jewish developments on the Temple Mount. He publishes a weekly report in the Israeli Makor Rishon newspaper and was designated the news outlet's expert in all matters related to the holy site. Segal honestly and precisely presents the major issues and developments related to the modern and archaeological sides of the Temple Mount.

This week he began a project to republish his reports in the form of a concise book. His reports have been read and shared by experts in the various fields relevant to the Temple Mount. This is Segal's attempt to bring the Temple Mount into the awareness of the public conscious and make its complexity and beauty available for all.

Segal has stated that "the purpose [of these articles] was to bring important and lengthy topics in the history of the most central place in Judaism, that nobody has yet told about, to the public. For example, the third Temple that may already have been built in collaboration with the Roman Caeser Hadrian... and about a synagogue that was active on the Temple Mount under the auspices of the Muslim overlords...."

I personally know Arnon Segal from my visits to the Temple Mount where he is a regular face. And I know that he is one of the foremost experts on the developments of the Temple Mount, which he knows from years of close proximity.

A central purpose of this website is to bring the historical and present-day developments to the general public throughout the world. This project will accomplish this goal in a powerful way and I suggest donating to the cause to make a change - click


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